G.I. Wire


Product Description

Galvanization is an industrial process by which a coating of zinc is applied to sheets of steel or iron to act as a protective layer against corrosion, most commonly in the form of rust. By immersing a sheet of iron or stainless steel in a molten bath, the metal is alloyed with a layer of zinc, which prevents corrosive elements from reaching the underlying metal. The coated sheet of stainless steel is then used much in the same way as an uncoated sheet would be and is drawn into wires or other industrial applications. Even when scratched, zinc acts as a sacrificial element and protects the exposed metal from reacting with the environment by corroding first. Manufacturers tend to prefer galvanized steel to stainless steel because the former proves more cost efficient and has a relatively longer life cycle. In areas where the tensile strength of stainless steel also requires further strengthening in terms of corrosion resistance, hot dip galvanized steel finds a vast array of applications in roofing, walling, safety handrails and so on.


  • Zinc coating : 40 gsm – 300 gsm

  • Wire Thickness : 1.6 mm – 5 mm

  • Sizes : 50kg & 100 kg bundles


  • Manufacturer of fencing products such as chain link & barbed wire

  • Used in vineyards & rubber plantations.

  • Manufacture of bail handles & bale tie-wire

  • Used as stay wire & earthhling wire

  • Manufacture of wire meshes & gabion meshes









This Galvanized Iron Wire is made with premium quality pure GI, ensuring superior conductivity and true value for money.